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15 March 2010

Proton Persona 1.6L Elegance

New Proton Persona 1.6L IAFM was launched on 18th March 2010 by Our MD,Dato Syed Zainal Abidin Mohamed Tahir.Constumers can view the car at all Proton Showroom..Persona Elegance is the replacement of current Persona with some changes and new future add.The product concept is Enhanced and Elegant Family Sedan.Available in Manual and Auto transmission.

How about Proton Persona 1.6L SE?
Persona SE will be discontinued.Those who still want Persona SE can opt for Persona High Line as most of the Persona SE features are incorporated in High Line such as Body Kit,Leather Seat,Auto Cruise,and Navigation System.

OnTheRoad Price(Peninsular Malaysia)
•Persona Base Line (Manual) : RM46,499.00
•Persona Base Line (Auto) : RM49,499.00
•Persona Medium Line (Manual) :RM52,999.00
•Persona Medium Line (Auto) : RM55,999.00
•Persona High Line (Auto) : RM 59,499.00(Only available in Auto Transmission)

Variants Colour
1.Genetic Silver
2.Tranquility Black
3.Bronze Garnet (New Colour)
4.Chiffon Green (New Colour)
5.Brilliant Red(Only available for model High Line)

What are the change items for Persona Elegance?

•Rear Spoiler ( Medium Line & High Line)
•Rear garnish furnishing
•Head Lamp & LED rear combi lamp
•Front,Rear & side skirting ( Medium Line & High Line)
•Radiator Grill
•Front Fog Lamp ( Medium Line & High Line)
•Door mirror with turn lamp signal
•Door handle furnishing
•Alloy Rim ( Medium Line & High Line)
•Door Handle
•Upholstery : New seat fabric ( Base Line & Medium Line) & Leather seat (High Line Only)
•New Body Colour:Chiffon Green & Bronze Garnet.

•Radio CD & MP3 Player with USB
•Meter combi fascia
•Navigator(Medium Line & High Line)
•Multipurpose container (Medium Line & High Line)
•Luggage Tray ( Medium Line & High Line)

Other USP for Persona Elegance

•Equipped with Dual Airbag with ABS Pretensionility
•Comes with Lotus Ride & handling to provide excellent grip, stability & Response
•Offer generous amount of space for passengger and luggage.Ergonomically design seats.
•High power & torque output yet fuel economy in its class.
•Offer excellent value in the mid-size car category,style & performance.

The New Proton Persona Facelift now available at most of the Proton Showroom.Officially called as the Proton Persona Elegance, this new Persona Elegance offered a new front bumper with the new Proton signature grille, new wheels, LED tail lights, new wing mirrors with LED turn lights, blacked-out headlights, new meter combi fascia, chrome door handle finishing and a two-tone interior colour.For the LED tail lights, there are equipped with nine LEDs. The nine LEDs are arranged in two rows – four up and five down.

The Persona Elegance, which ranges from the Base Line, Medium Line and the High Line are powered by the same 1.6-litre Campro IAFM engine with 110 bhp at 6,500 rpm and 148 Nm of torque from 4000 rpm with a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed auto gearbox.However, for the High Line version only the Automatic transmission available.

The new Persona Elegance also is now using the new 32-bit ECU which supplied by Siemens VDO,which is now under Continental.Previously, they are using the 16-bit version which also supplied by the Siemens VDO.There is no performance gain by using the new ECU but it is a step forward for Proton in terms of parts commonality as future Proton models will use higher technology.According to a Proton source, the new 32 bit ECU has more capabilities and can cater more demand compared to the older 16 bit version.

Also new will be the single DIN Blaupunkt audio player that plays CD and MP3. It also comes with a USB port.Medium and High Line cars get a GPS navigation set stuck on the windscreen, driver’s seat height adjuster and electric side mirrors.There are also stereo repeater buttons on the steering wheel, new design wheels, fog lights, a wrap-around bodykit, rear disc brakes and dual front airbags.

The High Line version offers almost the same spec as the previous Persona SE which has now stopped production.Apart from the leather seats, pre-tensioners, auto-cruise, ABS, EBD and electric remote boot release, the High Line is the only variant which is available in Brilliant Red paint job.

Currently, the Persona is the best selling mid-sized sedan, with 35 per cent shares in that category. Proton’s survey revealed that 54 per cent of Persona buyers bought the model for its driving performance, space and styling.Proton hope that the Persona Elegance will push the sell of the Persona from an average of 3,600 units a month to 4,000 units.

The Proton Persona Elegance is available in most of the Proton Showroom.It comes with with a 2-year or 50,000 km warranty and a 3-year/125,000 km extended warranty program – that’s total of 5 years and 175,000 km.


Engine: Campro IAFM 4-cylinder DOHC 16V 1,597cc
Max power: 110hp @ 6,500rpm
Max torque: 148Nm @ 4,000rpm
Transmission: 4-speed auto/5-speed manual
Safety features: Dual airbags, pre-tensioners, ABS with EBD (M and H line)

EBD Explained: Electronic Brakeforce Distribution

EBD (Electronic Brake Force Distribution) is a technology that enables the braking force of a vehicle to be increased or applied automatically, depending on road conditions, speed of the vehicle, weight of vehicle, etc.

In a regular braking system, when the brake pedal is applied, the brake fluid travels from the master cylinder to the brake cylinders. When the fluid goes inside the brake cylinder, the pressure of the fluid being applied forces the two pistons to push out resulting in the brake shoes or pads being pushed out. This push or pressure is in direct proportion to the push by the pistons, which causes the shoes or pads to rub against the drum or caliper. This reaction creates friction and decreases the turning of the wheels.

What EBD does is it electronically monitors, through sensors, the conditions of the road, the feel of pressure on the brake pedal, and vehicle weight, to determine when to apply pressure to the wheel cylinders. The sensors are designed to monitor the movements of the wheels and determine based on weight, which wheels may need the maximum force applied, as per the condition met. Supposedly, this is to provide better and more precise braking under every condition imaginable.

Since the front end has the most weight on a vehicle, the EBD system recognizes this and electronically controls the back brakes so when the driver applies the brakes, the back brakes do not lock up causing a skid.

EBD is a good system for drivers because it can increase the vehicle’s ability to stop under any conditions. But this is only effective if the brains of the computer works, along with the sensors that make up the system. If one of those sensors should fail, and you run into a bad situation, you could end up in a precarious predicament.


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

ada auto cruise tak persona Elegance ni?

Normizan said... Best Blogger Tips

Banyak perubahan telah diperbaharui..antaranya Sistem AIR COND..mungkin Aircond Proton Persona dahulu ada sedikit bunyi bising.Kini model Persona Elegance(Baru), PROTON telah megubahsuai atau mereka-letakan ketempat yang lebih berkesesuaian..Untuk Persona Elegance High Line(A)ada AUTO CRUISE.
Sistem GPS atau Navigator pun ada..
Terima Kasih..

adik automotive said... Best Blogger Tips

aku ambil info ni utk blog aku. kredit untk bro.

Proton Persona Elegence said... Best Blogger Tips

Bro mintak izin nak letak kat facebook boleh?

Normizan said... Best Blogger Tips

Permintaan Diizinkan...Untuk Adik Automotif & Proton Persona Elegence...sila link blog saya..Thanks..
Support U all ..
Mizan Proton Edar

EO said... Best Blogger Tips

Degar kata Elegance sudah upgrade ECU sila Ulaskan kebaikan Perubahan ECU.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

hari ni saya dah tukar booking kereta dr PERSONA SE kepada PERSONA ELEGANCE H LINE... dah sbln tunggu SE x dpt terus tukar Elegance lak.. harap pasni x tunggu lama sgt...

Normizan said... Best Blogger Tips

Ramai yang datang semalam tukar model Persona SE ke Persona Elegance.
Hehehe..Ade sape2 yang nak Persona SE ker?..ader LESS RM1,500.00

Normizan said... Best Blogger Tips

FYI...Brake ABS with EBD hanya terdapat pada model Persona Elegance 1.6L High Line(4wheelBrakeABS)maknanya..sekarang Persona Elegance Ader keempat2 brake ABS..ader juga orang kater aper maksud ABS...Ader Brake Sudah..hehehehe..(ABS=Anti Lock Brake System)

Normizan said... Best Blogger Tips

Saper EO?

Normizan said... Best Blogger Tips

Bleh sy tau blog EO?

EO said... Best Blogger Tips

Aku ni bkan blogger saja nak tau lebih tetang Elegance sebelum booking je..

Normizan said... Best Blogger Tips

Ari ni aku MC..CoZ demam..tak larat nak masuk keje..

areon25 said... Best Blogger Tips


nak tanye skit, mcm mane dgn minyak pulak.. sy dengar cite persona sebelum ni kuat mkn minyak skit.. so persona elegence ni mcm mane??


Admin Proton said... Best Blogger Tips

O.k..saya akan masukkan sedikit elemen pasal minyak..saper kater minyak Proton Persona sebelum ni kuat makan minyak...?
Aeron..sila lihat artikel di page ini..

areon25 said... Best Blogger Tips

salam admin proton..

wah.. best ni.. rupenye persona kurang makan minyak.. hehehe.. sy dgr2 orang cakap je.. nak tanue skit, sistem EBD tu ape ek?? ade sape2 leh terangkn tak??


Admin Proton said... Best Blogger Tips

Heheh..Terima kasih untuk areon25..
O.k..saya akan terangkan ulasan untuk EBD(Electronic Brakeforce Distribution)...

Admin Proton said... Best Blogger Tips

So..maner2 yang kaki racing tu..elok matikan EBD..hehheehee..

Admin Proton said... Best Blogger Tips

EBD ni macam otak kereta yang dekat bahagian brake yang sebelum ni tak pernah terpikir oleh maner2 kereta lama@tua lebih kurang..yang mana contohnya masa korang tengah naik Hmm..agak2 dalam 160KM/H pastu kat depan tu ada selekoh tajam ler lebih kurang..mengikut bacaan otak kereta tu kalau keadaan kelajuan tu boleh membahayakan pemandu agak2 kalau korang naik dengan kejauan yang tahap tak munasabah yang akan mengakibatkan bahaya tahap ape2 jelah so EBD ni denagn secara automatik akan tolong brake kat pasni jgn lak kata kete ni perlahan masa korang tengah DRIFT...hehhee..Thanks..

Admin Proton said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi..Every Body
Please Comment about my blog..
Proton Edar.

areon25 said... Best Blogger Tips

salam admin proton..

interest sekarang berape ek??


chap_de_x said... Best Blogger Tips

bro nak tanya sket kalau dah booking loan suma dah lulus brapa lama nak kene tunggu br dapat kereta

Admin Proton said... Best Blogger Tips

Maaf sebab lambat reply comment..
For your informations..
BLR interenst sekarang telah meningkat kepada 0.25% dan telah dikuatkuasa seluruh bank di Malaysia pada 16/03/2010.

Kadar interest untuk Kereta nasional(Proton@Perodua)
Dari 3.75% telah meningkat kepada 4.0%(9Thn)
Dari 3.65% telah meningkat kepada 3.9%(7Thn)
Dari 3.50% telah meningkat kepada 3.75%(5Thn)

Kadar Interest Non national(Hyundai,Honda dll.)
Kadar interest sekarang>>
3.5% untuk 9Thn.
3.4% untuk 7Thn.
3.25% untuk 5Thn.

Thanks.& warmest regards..Areon25

Admin Proton said... Best Blogger Tips

Reply For Chap_De_X..,
Model kereta maner?
Kalau model Persona Elegance masa menunggu adalah 2 biasanya Dlm sebulan.

armz said... Best Blogger Tips

salam admin proton..hehe..nak tanye ni..dgr cite persona e auto sume hold dulu utk deliver kepada customer sbb nak recheck..ade problem ckit dgr bleh tau bile customer leh dpt kete2 ni..huhu..ramai yg book mline n hline auto dh bising2..dh dkt sebulan dh nih..

wan sgmt said... Best Blogger Tips

Salam, saya dah beli Persona Elegance M-Line Auto.

Boleh ke upgrade ABS , airbag dan autocruise? rugi plak beza RM3500 jer..

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

aku baru booking kete persona h-line..
cuma nk tahu harga promosi terbaru,
sbb ada kasi potong harga rm1000..
ada yg rm1500..
yg mane satu betul??
harap boleh tolong terangkan..
plz.. kereta tengah proses loan ni..

Admin Proton said... Best Blogger Tips

Maaf sbb lama tak update...
Untuk Promosi bulan December 2010
Persona H-Line (Auto) RM2000.00
Persona B-Line & M-Line (Manual) RM1000.00
Persona B-Line & M-Line (Auto) RM2000.00
Harap Maklum...

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

berapa lama tempahan kereta persona h-line

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

hai.,saya nak tanya cikit,kenapa proton persona menggunakan paip minyak untuk ketangki dperbuat dari plastik dan bukannya besi seperti model2 yang lain....tidakkah membahayakan jika paip minyak tersebut bocor?

zairizabidi said... Best Blogger Tips

Tiada duit untuk downpayment? (FOMCA tak bagi buat full loan)
Tiada duit untuk renew insurance? (bila dah setahun pakai kereta)
Tiada duit untuk service maintenance? (bila rasa tak sedap bawak kereta)
Tiada duit untuk modified kereta? (biasanya lelaki)

klik disini untuk mendapatkan pendapatan sampingan anda.
Hanya RM20, anda boleh dapat pulangan sehingga RM2K sebulan
Diulangi HANYA RM20

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